Films of Ancestral Villages


Below are films of the villages, churches and homesteads of where our ancestors use to live. You can click on the bottom right hand side of the video to go to full screen when the video is playing.

These can be viewed with many others independently on YouTube .

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Goersdorf, Alsace, France 2001

Roger Berger in Goersdorf, Minfeld and Jockgrim

George and Elizabeth Berger graves in Richardton, North Dakota.

Jockgrim, Germany 2001

Freckenfeld, Minfeld and the Schweinheimer Kirchel, Germany 2001

My visit to Kasimir's former homestead in August 2002

The Hinterstädtel and St. Dionysius Church, Jockgrim. 2001

St Mary's Church in Richardton, North Dakota.

My return visit to Kasimir's former homestead in 2004

Richardton and the drive to George Berger's former homestead in 2004

George Berger's former homestead of 960 acres, Taylor, North Dakota.

Berger graves in Saskatchewan including Kasimir and Julianna

Town of Kandel in the Rhineland Palatinate where we were based for filming.

Berger family reunion, Cadillac, Sask; July 2004 at the home of Helen & Peter Peters.

From Kandel to Strasbourg by train to meet my researcher, Marie-Odile Peres. August 2001.